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Nanny Agency Comparison

How to choose among Canadian Nanny Agencies


Many families choose to take finding a caregiver into their own hands, and use a self-serve site. But if you  do not have the time to search for a caregiver, you can hire a nanny placement agency.

When choosing an agency, you should keep these things in mind:

  • Does the agency offer a guarantee? If so, for how many days?
  • How many years of experience do they have? 
  • Can they assist with both live-in and live-out?
  • Can they help with LMIA applications for foreign nannies?
  • Which geographical areas can they serve?

While CanadianNanny.ca is the #1 place to find a caregiver at only $39/month, if you are looking for an agency to help you hire a caregiver or navigate the complicated LMIA process, we think these agencies are the best out there.

Fees vary for many  good reasons, so it is important to consider the whole offering when selecting an agency. Here are the top agencies in Canada, in alphabetical order. 

  LMIA Fee Placement Fee Headquarters
Nanny Experts  -  $500 - $1,400  Toronto 
Loving Care 4 U  -  $1,295   Toronto 
Nannies on the Hill  $995   $995  Toronto 
Niagara Caregivers   - $1,200    Hamilton
Opti-mum   -  8% of gross salary  Vancouver 
PG Nannies Included   $1,500   Prince George
Preferred Personnel  $945   $1,190  Toronto 


Here are some other agencies you could try, but we think the ones above are the most reliable and trustworthy. 

  LMIA Fee Placement Fee
Ace Personnel - $1,200
Ayah Nannies unknown  $1,200
Care Solutions - $,1500
Cardinal Nannies   - $850
Diamond Personnel - $7,500
Nannies with Love   -  $680
Noons and Nannies - $1,975
Premier Caregivers $850 $1,400
Reliable Nannies unknown $1,000
Select Nannies unknown $2,695
Shelly's Nannies N/A $2,150

No matter how you search for a nanny, once you find a match you become a household employer. HeartPayroll is here to turn a complicated process into an easy one! It's never too early to get your payroll ducks in a row. You can get started today!

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