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Canadian Payroll & Tax Deadlines

Here are some important deadlines to keep in mind 

You're busy. We're here to help keep you on track with your nanny or caregiver's payroll and taxes by providing these deadlines you should be aware of. Filing even one day past any of these Canadian tax deadlines will lead to having to pay penalties and interest. 

  January 15
December remittance to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

  January 31
4th quarter Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) remittance

  February 15
January remittance to CRA

  February 28
T4 to caregiver, T4 and T4 Summary filed with CRA

  March 15
February remittance to CRA

  April 15
March remittance to CRA

  April 30
1st quarter WSIB remittance, Employee’s T1 Personal Tax Return filed with CRA

  May 15
April remittance to CRA

  June 15
May remittance to CRA

  July 15
June remittance to CRA

  July 31
2nd quarter WSIB remittance

  August 15
July remittance to CRA

  September 15
August remittance to CRA

  October 15
September remittance to CRA

  October 31
3rd quarter WSIB remittance

  November 15
October remittance to CRA

  December 15
November remittance to CRA

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