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Questions about your caregiver

  Do I need to do payroll if my caregiver is part time? 
The short answer is yes. If you employ a caregiver in any capacity, that makes you an employer. This means, like any employer, you are required to remit your employee's deductions of income tax, and CPP and EI premiums to the CRA, along with your portion of CPP and EI premiums.

  Do I need WSIB/WCB for my caregiver?

The requirements for WSIB/WCB can vary by province, but it's generally in both your and your caregiver's best interest for you to have workers' compensation insurance. Give us a call and we'll be happy to give you more information specific to your province.

  What is the average wage for a caregiver per hour?

This depends on a variety of factors such as where you live, specifics of the job and skills, and experience of the caregiver. Our experts are ready to take your call and can provide a more specific range based on these factors.

  What's the difference between Net and Gross pay?

Net pay is the amount paid after all employment deductions have been made, such as federal and provincial income tax, CPP, and EI premiums. Gross pay is the amount calculated before these deductions. Most wages are assumed to be gross unless specified otherwise.

  What is the full cost of hiring a caregiver?

The full cost of a caregiver is the sum of the caregiver’s Gross wage, employer CPP and EI premiums, and WSIB/WCB (if applicable).

  Can I do my caregiver's payroll and taxes myself?

While it is possible to do your caregiver's payroll and taxes yourself, it is a very complicated and muddy system to navigate. The timelines are tight, deadlines strict, and mistakes don't come without expensive consequences. This is why thousands of families across Canada entrust their caregiver's payroll and taxes to HeartPayroll.

Questions about HeartPayroll's service

  How much is your service?

Only $46.99 + tax per month and includes literally everything to do with your caregiver's payroll and taxes.

  Can HeartPayroll handle workers' compensation insurance for me?

Of course. We remit the WCB/WSIB premiums on your behalf and report payroll earnings for an additional $10 per month.

  What if I already have a CRA business number? 

Simply let us know what it is, along with a payroll deductions account number (which adds RP0001 at the end of your business number). 

  Do you generate pay stubs for my employee each pay period?

Yes. We also email them to you for your files, usually 1-2 days prior to the pay date.

  What if I need to change my employee's pay for one pay period?

Not a problem. We send you an email 1 week prior to the pay date so you can reply letting us know how many hours you want processed. If we don’t hear from you, we will process your default payroll amount automatically.

  What if I had a payroll change I forgot to report?

Don't worry, we'll take care of it. Just call or email us right away and we can discuss your options. We may be able to make the adjustment right away, or the following pay period.

  How does the money get from my bank account to my caregiver's?

We collect the bank information for you and your caregiver, withdraw the funds from your account a few days prior to the pay date, and deposit them into your caregiver's account on time.

  What happens at tax time?

We automatically file the necessary tax documents and email you a copy of the T4 slip for your caregiver, and the T4 summary for your records.

  How do I get started?

Simply sign up here! You can also call 1-647-492-7253 or email [email protected].

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