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What is a LMIA?

Something to do with hiring a foreign caregiver

LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment. Employers need to acquire a positive assessment before hiring a foreign worker as a household employee. The assessment is done by the Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to ensure a foreign worker will not negatively impact the Canadian labor market.

It is basically a really long form you need to fill out and submit to the Canadian goverment, along with $1,000, to hire a foreign nanny or caregiver.

What are the requirements of LMIA?

  • First you must try to fill your position with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident already in Canada (such as posting your job on CanadianNanny.ca).
  • You must advertise the job on several job sites and proove your methods of recruitment.
  • You must demonstrate that you have the ability to pay the caregiver.
  • You must be able to provide an acceptable living space inside your home. The room must have a window and door that closes, etc.
  • Your job offer must include caregiving duties for a child, elderly person, or person with disability.

Can you do this yourself?

Yes. But it takes a lot of time, and worse, you are likely to get declined. The $1,000 fee is non-refundable, and you will have to start again (and pay again).

What do we recommend?

HeartPayroll recommends that you hire a LMIA expert to help with the paperwork. We aren't experts, but many of our agency partners are. Here are some choices, in no particular order:

 How long does it take?

It can take several months. The exact length of time depends on whether the caregiver is in Canada already, and if not which country they are located in.

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