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Loving Care Family Services

Loving Care is a nanny and caregiver agency in Toronto. The owner Ilana Arrobas, a mother of five, has been working in the industry since 2007. Ilana was our first agency partner and she has been helpful to us designing our service to meet the expectations of the families she serves. Loving Care does not charge as much as other agencies, but maintains a high standard of service. 

Loving Care & HeartPayroll

We are proud to have Loving Care and Ilana as our earliest partner.  We work hard to provide Loving Care's families the same high-quality professional service they're used to. HeartPayroll is the most used household payroll and tax service in all of Canada - that's how you know you are in good hands! We handle everything to do with your nanny's payroll and taxes so you don't worry about a thing.




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