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Love From Our Customers

The feeling is mutual

  "When we hired our nanny we did not realize that we were also becoming employers with all the associated obligations. As a busy working mom, the last thing I wanted to do with my free time was sort out payroll remittance where any mistakes could trigger costly penalties. I was only ordering cheques just to pay our nanny. HeartPayroll services make direct deposit, payroll remittance and tax preparation so easy. My nanny loves it too as she does not have to go to the bank weekly to cash her paycheque. Sign up and relax!" - Maya M.

  "When we came to you, we were several months behind on our paperwork and concerned we were facing an expensive, time-consuming problem.  All it took was a single conversation and an exchange of documentation with you, and we knew exactly what we owed, and also had a payroll plan set up. You turned everything around for us.  I would strongly encourage others out there who are attempting to manage payroll themselves and getting in over their heads to give HeartPayroll a call." – Patrick M.

  "I have been using HeartPayroll for over 2 years and couldn't be happier with their service and expertise. They go above and beyond the call of duty and I would highly recommend using them." – Vivienne N.

  "I couldn't end without telling you how much I have enjoyed your friendly, efficient, and wonderful service you provide. Thank you to all team members at HeartPayroll from payroll, customer service, to technical for such a commitment to great service you have given me at a very reasonable cost. I look forward to dealing with you again." – Phyllis F.

  "This service really is a lifesaver! Thanks again and I am sure we will be using it again in the future." – Erika W.

  "I'm Alison from Toronto and I've been using HeartPayroll for our nanny's payroll for over a year now. This is wonderful and it has saved me so much time. I didn't even think of the things that I would have had to do at tax time - they took care of it all. We even went through a change in nannies and everything was handled flawlessly. It's worth every penny." 
– Alison G.

  "Thank you. Your service has been timely, professional, courteous, and clear. You have been so helpful during this time. I thank you, and I send you my best wishes from Toronto. I will absolutely recommend HeartPayroll – it was a lifesaver." – Sabina B.

  "Your service has been terrific and we've already recommended it to a couple of our friends who have nannies, as well as its made everything super simple." – Drew B.

  "Your background, knowledge and experience in the field of HR has been so helpful in guiding us. We love HeartPayroll!" – Mark B.

  "Thank you. Outstanding services, glad I did business with you guys." – Marc S.

  "I love your payroll service. This has made my life so much easier. I should have signed up sooner!" – Gosia G.

  "This service is so helpful to me. Thank you!" – Clare P.

  "I love to get reminder emails to submit the nanny's hours every end of week. Also when I asked questions, I got answers very fast. All the documents are easy to see also. Thank you very much for your amazing job!" – Y. P.

  "Very impressed with the service and the overall attention to detail. Raising twin boys has been a handful and not having to worry about payroll and employment guidelines has been a much welcomed relief." – Jonathan C.

  "We have been very pleased with the payroll support. Our questions have always been answered very promptly and to our satisfaction. Overall, great service!" – Catherine

  "I'm impressed by your service response and follow up." – Janic

  "I am very pleased with how quick and responsive the service is. No matter my concerns I feel someone is always looking to support my questions or concerns. I also feel that the work seems to be accurate almost always and generally if there are errors it's a miscommunication not poor performance in service. I'm very pleased to be using this service and have recommended it to others.  Special thanks to Trisha and Frances who regularly have helped me. Great! Very satisfied."  – Famida

  "Alyssa and Freya demostrated a unique and dedication customer experience value. This is truly an example of the best customer service experience! Both deserve a WOW moment!" – Francisco L.


 HeartPayroll is the most used Nanny & Caregiver payroll service in Canada.

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