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Wee Care Nanny Placement Agency


 Wee Care is run by Robyn Zeldin, mother of two, who has 20 years of experience placing nannies in the Toronto area. She and her team are experts in placing foreign nannies, and will help with LMIA processing and all other aspects of helping families employ a nanny from overseas. Wee Care has reasonable placement fees and the advantage of years of experience. Robyn also runs In a Pinch, a sister service to Wee Care that provides short term care solutions. Robyn has provided valuable advice on how to make HeartPayroll the perfect solution for any Canadian family that employs a nanny or caregiver.     

Wee Care & HeartPayroll

We are proud to provide Wee Care's families the same high-quality professional service they're used to. HeartPayroll is the most used household payroll and tax service in all of Canada - that's how you know you are in good hands! We handle everything to do with your nanny's payroll and taxes so you don't worry about a thing.




534 Lawrence Ave., Suite 212
Toronto, ON  M6A 1A2
Phone: 416-789-3070

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