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Meet our payroll experts



Trisha Heathcote

Trisha is a payroll expert with many years of experience. She's a pro at all the monthly needs your household will have, and has dealt with many extraordinary circumstances. If complication ever arises, Trisha is who you need in your corner. Trisha is a loving mother of three.


Frances Christie

Frances has processed millions of dollars in payroll over her career. You'd be hard pressed to find someone who knows as much as she does about the many payroll nuances and rules. Frances is meticulous and a payroll expert in every sense of the word. Frances is an affectionate mother of two and grandma of three.


Jessica Sugar

Jessica has experienced first hand the challenges surrounding nanny & caregiver payroll and taxes. She is a mother of three and former household caregiver employer herself. Jessica is the foremost expert in guiding you and your family through getting started as an employer.


Esha Khanna

Esha is dedicated to making sure you have an incredible experience with HeartPayroll. She cares about the community of families employing caregivers and is especially helpful in answering   questions about getting started as an employer.



Lakhveer Jajj

Lakhveer (or Lucky, as we call him), has built a reliable, unyielding system behind HeartPayroll. Lakhveer has made HeartPayroll bulletproof to ensure all of your information is secure and safe. 


Alyssa Atkins

Alyssa is committed to making HeartPayroll available to all families across Canada and the US. She has witnessed the mistakes that happen when families try to manage payroll themselves, and is passionate about alleviating the stress around caregiver payroll for all families.

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